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To make the work done by the Commission available in electronic form, CDs are prepared for the benefit of the user. These CDs will be available to the user. Steps are being taken to also make available the terminology evolved by the Commission in the form of a 'National Terminology Bank' at our website 'www.cstt.gov.in'. Re-launching of the website and making the literature available on it is one of the top priorities of the Commission.





    Training Programmes:
  (i)  Subjectwise glossaries will be made available in the form of CDs.
  (ii) There will also be CDs of Comprehensive glossaries where in glossaries of a group of subjects would be available on a single CD
  (iii) CDs will be available from the early 2007.
  (iv) The website is being designed with the technical assistance NIC
  (v) The number of participants in a training programme is up to a maximum of 100.


The website will have, in phases, all the data created by the Commission.
  (vii) The user will have an access to the equivalents and definitions on the basis of the subject, word, area, and field.
  (viii) The user can send his suggestions, querries and views.
  (ix) Experts can send their bio-data and register themselves with the Commission that they may be associate4 with the activities of the Commission.
  (x) There will be access to the link sites.
  (xi) Besides Hindi equivalents to the technical terms, attempts are being made to provide the regional equivalents as well in course of time. In other words the Indian equivalents to particular technical terms will be made available in all languages of the 8th Schedule.
  (xii) The user may give feedback regarding the activities of the Commission in the feedback form.
  (xiii) There will also be provisions for the access to link sites.
  (xiv) On the whole the website will not only be dynamic but also user friendly.


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