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The Book Exhibitions organized by the Commission are meant for display the publications of the Commission so that more and more people are exposed to the works of the Commission and the agencies like Hindi Granth Academies, Text Book Boards and University Cells. Sale of the books published by the Commission is also undertaken during the exhibition.

A permanent exhibition counter will be available to general public during the office hours in the premises of the Commission. There is also a sales counter attached to the exhibition counter of the Commission where the desired publications of the Commission can be purchased at discounted rates. Visitors can not only see the books displayed but also can go through them.


The Commission in State, National and International Book Fairs may open temporary exhibition counters. Agencies organizing such fairs may send the necessary information or proposal to the Commission so that the Commission may consider the same.


Temporary exhibition counters may also be opened at the venues of different programmes conducted by the Commission or at the venues of the academic programmes conducted by various other agencies.

  Rules and regulations relating to exhibitions:

  (i) Every exhibition counter of the Commission, whether permanent or temporary, will normally have a sale counter.
  (ii) Publications of the Commission are sold at 25% discount in the exhibitions.



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