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The Commission has a scheme under which books related to terminology are distributed free of cost to the users. In this category officers and ministerial staff are provided with Administrative Glossaries. Teachers, students and scientists are encouraged by providing free glossaries in a concise form under the heading 'Fundamental Glossaries' in different technical subjects.

    Rules and regulations for free distribution of publications:
  (i)  Some publications of the Commission are available free.
  (ii) These publications are given free to the teachers, scientists, officials and others during the programmes organised by the Commission.
  (iii) Subjectwise called the fundamental glossaries are given to the teachers of the particular subject attending any programme of the Commission.
  (iv) The Commission may also send these free publications to universities, colleges, and schools as sample copies.
  (v) Special visitors to the Commission may be given complimentary copies of the free publications at the discretion of the Chairman.


Unlike priced publications, the free publications will not be sent to individuals at their request.
  (vii) There is a proposal to fix a nominal price for the free publications so that there is no misuse.


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