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With a view to make available to the users all the terminological literature of CSTT and its agencies under one roof, CSTT establishes terminology club in different states. There is also a plan to have a National Terminology Library at CSTT. Terminology Clubs have already been established in Orissa State Bureau of Textbook Preparation and Production, Bhubaneshwar; Lucknow University, Lucknow; Vigyan Parishad, Prayag, Allahabad and Publication Division, Mysore University, Mysore. The Commission intends to establish clubs in all the states of the country and also look after their proper maintenance.



Rules and regulations relating to terminology clubs:


  (i)  A terminology club may be established in any library or educational institution (School, College, University, Granth Academy, Text Book Board, University Cell or similar such organisation), which is frequented by students, teachers and scholars.
  (ii) The organisation, which decides to have a terminology club in its premises, has to demarcate a site for the said club.
  (iii) The host institution will also have to provide bookracks and other such furniture as needed for storing the books.
  (iv) The space demarcated for the club must have proper furniture for the users to make use of the literature available in the club.
  (v) The host institution must have sufficient manpower to run the club and timings may be specified for keeping the club.


Any institution/ organisation, which can fit into the above requirements, may send its proposal to the Commission for establishment of a terminology club.
  (vii) The Commission will make arrangements to visit the institution and once it is satisfied with the infrastructure and other necessary requirements, a terminology club may be established in that organisation.
  (viii) After the Commission approves the establishment of a terminology club, an agreement will be signed between the Head of the organisation where a terminology club is established and the Chairman of the Commission.
  (ix) The Commission may provide two sets of free publications of its free publications to the constituted terminology club.
  (x) As and when there is any new publication, copies of the new publications will be sent to the terminology club by the Commission.
  (xi) Once published, the terms evolved in Hindi are once again subjected to further discussions in workshops, seminars, orientation programmes, training programmes etc organized for the propagation and expansion to ensure proper usage and to see if any corrections and improvements are needed during the revision and updation process of the said glossary.
  (xii) The institution hosting the terminology club must also be ready to add some literature to the   club by collection or purchase of books from various sources.
  (xiii) The Commission may also provide to the terminology club its priced publications at higher rates of concessions with the approval of the ministry.
  (xiv) The Commission may monitor functioning of the clubs by visiting the clubs now and then by the officers of the Commission.
  (xv) The terminology clubs already established may be activated/ revived as per requirement.


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