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CSTT publishes monographs on scientific or technical subjects in Hindi that can provide detailed information on a single subject in the form of a short book. They provide supplementary reading material to the user.


    Procedure for preparation and publication of monographs:
    The procedure for the above scheme followed by the Commission is as follows:
  (i)  An advertisement is issued by CSTT in daily newspapers inviting manuscripts from authors interested in writing monographs on subjects related to university syllabi so that the books may be used as reference materials or sources of information. Circulars are also sent to universities/institutions.
  (ii) Once the synopsis is received, it is sent for review by a minimum of two experts in the field.
  (iii) After getting the approval of the reviewers, the author signs an agreement with the Commission and is allowed to proceed with the work as per the agreement.
  (iv) Authors are to use the terminology developed by the commission and are expected to send the completed manuscripts to the commission following the instructions as per the agreement.
  (v) The final manuscript once received is reviewed by a committee in the commission with the help of reviewer(s)
  (vi) The manuscript is published following the usual procedure.
  (vii) The Commission on its own may also invite manuscripts from eminent authors on specified topics/ fields.

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