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Scientific and Technical terms are best understood in the context of their definitions. Therefore, the Commission makes definitional dictionaries in all subjects/ fields. In fact, a glossary contains the technical terms in English alongwith Hindi/Regional language equivalents but in a definitional dictionary, the technical terms in English with Hindi/Regional language equivalents are conceptually explained in few lines in Hindi/Regional language. Since scientific concepts are better understood in a definition with gravity, the role of definitional dictionary is significant and important to students, teachers, researchers and other users. Thus, in a way, definitional dictionary is an extension of the process of evolution of terminology for ensuring better understanding and usage.


Procedure for Preparation of Definitional Dictionaries:




The Commission identifies the fields/subjects in which scientific and technical terms are to be defined, on priority basis.



The words to be defined are identified by ‘Technical Term Selection Committee’.



Screening textbooks, glossaries, reference books and other published materials relevant to the subject, do this. In the process of selection of terms, care is taken to include such terms which are conceptual and need to expand.



An Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) consisting of subject experts, language experts linguists, scholars acquainted with terminology development is constituted.



EAC screens the terms listed by the Technical Term Selection Committee to make a final list of terms that are to be defined.



The terms are first defined in English in a simple and lucid language. Such definitions are based on textbooks, reference books, definitional dictionaries, encyclopaedia and glossaries already available in English.



Once the word is satisfactorily defined in English the EAC defines the term in Hindi/Regional language.



Once the process of defining is completed, subject experts may review the definitions, language experts and linguists in at 2-3 Terminology Standardization Meetings held in different parts of the country. Feedback is obtained from the Terminology Standardization Meetings.



After the review process is complete, the manuscript is once again placed before the ‘Expert Advisory Committee’ to consider the opinions given by the experts of the Terminology Standardization Meetings. After considering the feedback on the terms evolved, the ‘Expert Advisory Committee’ finalizes the manuscript.



The manuscript prepared is processed for camera-ready copies and sent for printing.



Once published, the terms defined in Hindi are once again subjected to further discussions in workshops, seminars, orientation programmes, training programmes etc organized for the propagation and expansion to ensure proper usage and to see if any corrections and improvements are needed during the revision and updation process of the said definitional dictionary.


Rules and Regulations






All the rules and regulations of ‘Evolution and publication of technical terms in Hindi’ and ‘Evolution and publication of technical terms in regional languages’ are partially or fully applicable in this case.


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