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These are English-Hindi-Modern Indian Language glossaries. Every English term in such glossaries has one Hindi equivalent and any one equivalent of the Modern Indian Language (of the eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution). Attempts are also being made in such glossaries to transliterate the Hindi term in the concerned Regional language. This ensures that the Rajbhasha reaches and is made popular in all States and Union Territories of the country.


Procedure for Preparation of Trilingual Glossaries:


The procedure for preparing trilingual glossaries depends on the availability of equivalents in Hindi and/or the concerned Modern Indian Language.


A.  Equivalents available in Hindi and Modern Indian Language



The Commission identifies the fields/subjects in which equivalents are needed on priority basis.



The words for which technical equivalents are to be developed are identified by a ‘Technical Term Selection Committee’.



An Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) consisting of subject experts, linguists, scholars acquainted with terminology development is constituted.



EAC screens the terms listed by the Technical Term Selection Committee to make a final list of terms for which equivalents are required.



Hindi equivalents are taken from the English-Hindi glossaries and equivalents for the regional language are taken from the glossaries of the concerned language.



As per the requirement, the Hindi equivalents may be transliterated in the regional language.



'The finalized manuscript is processed for camera-ready copies and sent for printing.


B.  Equivalents available in Hindi/Modern Indian language:


First the equivalents are identified/ evolved in Hindi/ Modern Indian Language and they are listed in the glossaries. Rest of the procedure is same as above.




Rules and Regulations:



The rules and regulations of ‘Preparation and publication of Hindi glossaries’ and ‘Preparation and publication of glossaries in regional languages’ are either partially or fully applicable to this field depending on the situation.




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