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Deriving commitment from the above directives and the subsequent Presidential Orders in such matters, the Commission is working on the following areas

  • Preparation of English- Hindi technical dictionaries/ glossaries
  • Preparation of English-Regional Language technical dictionaries/glossaries
  • Preparation of trilingual glossaries
  • Preparation of National terminology
  • Identification of PAN Indian terms
  • Preparation of definitional dictionaries
  • Preparation of encyclopedias
  • Preparation of school-level terminology
  • Preparation/approval of departmental glossaries
  • Revision and updation of glossaries
  • Propagation, expansion and critical review of terms coined and defined
  • Preparation and publication of university level books in Hindi
  • Publication of university level books in regional languages
  • Preparation of monographs and digests
  • Production of journals
  • Establishment of terminology clubs
  • Sale of publications
  • Free distribution of publications
  • Organising Exhibitions
  • Creation of Database, Website updation and maintenance

In order to meet its goals, the Commission requires the expertise and participation of teachers of schools, colleges, universities and technical institutions; scientists; research scholars, journalists, writers, officials, professionals and other scholars in various programmes organized by it in various parts of the country. The Commission also requires the requisite space in the form of meeting rooms, auditoria, and conference rooms etc for carrying out its programmes outside the Commission's premises.

Teachers/ Scholars/ Scientists/ Officers/ Linguists/ Language Experts/ Officials/ Professionals etc from all over the country who are interested in taking part in the selection/ evolution/ standardization/ propagation of scientific and technical terms in Hindi and other Indian languages may send their bio-data to the Commission in the prescribed proforma so that they may be included as experts in the 'Technical Term Selection Committees', 'Expert Advisory Committees', 'Terminology Standardization Meetings' or as resource persons/ participants in 'Training Programmes', 'Orientation Programmes', 'Workshops', 'Seminars', 'Conferences', 'Symposia' etc. as per their qualifications and requirement of the Commission.

Schools/Colleges/Universities/Scientific Organizations/Other Organizations may be approached by the Commission for providing the venue for organizing the programmes of the Commission. Alternatively, the institution or organization may approach the Commission for hosting various kinds of programmes.

Each programme has certain principles and rules. Individuals or organizations may go through the guidelines before sending the bio-data, accepting the proposal received from the Commission or sending a proposal to the Commission.

Bio-data of individuals or proposals propagation programmes may be sent in the prescribed format to

The Chairman,
Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology (CSTT),
Ministry of Human Resource Development,
West Block-7, R.K. Puram, Sector 1 ,
New Delhi – 110 066

The objectives of each programme and the relevant guidelines are given below. The decision of the Chairman, Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology is final in case of any doubts regarding the rules and regulations explained or in case of any rule that has not been specified. If needed the matter may be referred to the ministry for guidance/ approval.


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