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Please Note :

The text on the Hindi web site will be un-readable unless you download and save the Hindi font on your local hard disk. Please follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the download hindi font option above.
  2. Save the font on your local hard disk in a drive and directory of your choice. (For example : C:\temp or D:\newfonts). Close your browser.
  3. Click on the "Start Button" on your Windows Task bar. Choose "Settings" -"Control Panel" and open the "Fonts" Folder.
  4. Select menu "File" - Install - New Font. This will open up a dialog box.
  5. Choose the "Drive Name" and the name of the "Folder" where you saved the fonts. Example: C:\temp or D:\newfonts as suggested in Point#2 above.
  6. The newly copied font is listed. Select the font name Vinod Normal (True Type) and press OK
  7. This will install the Hindi font in the Fonts folder (under Windows in Win95/Win98 or under WinNT in WinNT OS) on your local hard disk.
  8. Exit the control panel. Restart your browser. The Hindi text is displayed. If you are still unable to read the Hindi text, you may need to reboot the machine.
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